{A Family} Family Session

Family. Love. Light. Some of my favourite things in the world. Put them together and you have a wonderful afternoon. You may remember this beautiful family from a photoshoot I did last year. This time we went to a different part of the golf course, exploring a part we hadn’t been to before. It was fun walking in the afternoon sun, dodging golf balls, chatting, chasing the kids who weren’t too keen on being in the photos and just enjoying the craziness that is life with little kids. The challenge is always to get that moment where it’s just the family enjoying each other, that one moment where they are all in perfect harmony laughing at some inside joke or showing their love for each other. Because that is what we want to remember years down the line. The moments we shared with our kids, the laughter, the tears, the joy and how huggable and cuddly they were. How they still fit on our laps and how we played with water and sat in the sun. Because those are the best memories of childhood. Togetherness. Family.

Here are some of my favourite moments from this beautiful session.

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