{A Family} Family Session

Family. Love. Light. Some of my favourite things in the world. Put them together and you have a wonderful afternoon. You may remember this beautiful family from a photoshoot I did last year. This time we went to a different part of the golf course, exploring a part we hadn’t been to before. It was fun walking in the afternoon sun, dodging golf balls, chatting, chasing the kids who weren’t too keen on being in the photos and just enjoying the craziness that is life with little kids. The challenge is always to get that moment where it’s just the family enjoying each other, that one moment where they are all in perfect harmony laughing at some inside joke or showing their love for each other. Because that is what we want to remember years down the line. The moments we shared with our kids, the laughter, the tears, the joy and how huggable and cuddly they were. How they still fit on our laps and how we played with water and sat in the sun. Because those are the best memories of childhood. Togetherness. Family.

Here are some of my favourite moments from this beautiful session.

{N Family} Maternity Session

Don’t you love the excitement of first time parents as they await their first child? There is so much love and anticipation, so much uncertainty, but optimism as well, and just an incredible joy bubbling underneath the surface.

For this session we spent a lovely winter’s afternoon with glorious light at the Botanical Gardens exploring corners I had never seen before. We walked under arching trees, among rather large succulents, along dusty streets and up a very steep hill (that looked much less steep from the bottom). They climbed winding stone paths, lay down in backlit grasses and endured the blinding sun.

I can only imagine how blessed this new little human being will be when she arrives and meets her parents for the first time. Loving arms are waiting to hold her and shower her with love.

Thank you for being so willing to go along with my crazy ideas and for being such lovely models!

{L Family} Family Session

When she asked me to book a family photo session and we were discussing where to take the photos, the one requirement she gave was that it should be somewhere green. And what is more green than a well-tended golf course in summer? We met early in the morning for a slightly chilly time together. Who expects summer in Africa to be cold in the morning? But it does beat getting sunburn ๐Ÿ™‚

The light was exquisite this early in the morning and even though it was an overcast day, that only made it more soft and diffused for really pretty photos. This lovely family was referred by some great friends of ours and it was such a pleasure getting to know them and spending time with them. Their little girl loved exploring and even gave me a few smiles.

I can’t wait to share these photos with you!

{B Family} Maternity Session

In the past year a lot of my friends and acquaintances have been growing their families, adding a third child to their families. Whether through adoption or birth. And every time their families became infinitely richer and they learned new things about themselves and their children.

The family I spent time with on this rainy, cloudy, afternoon photoshoot are also almost welcoming their own number three to the mix.

You will rarely meet nicer, kinder and more loving people in your life. Both of them have been an incredible role model to me in their life, their faith and their parenting. Always ready to give a hug, a kind word, a gentle reproof, a helping hand and a willing ear to listen. The way they love their children and live their faith is such an encouragement and amazing witness to me.

Thank you for letting me document this special time for you as you happily await your precious little baby!

{Baby J} Newborn Session

Sometimes I think that third children kind of get lost in a family. The first one causes no end of excitement to the family and all relatives, the second one is especially a novelty to the first born and everyone is curious what life with two kids will be like. Then the third comes along. The parents already have both hands full with the first two and the third often is expected to just slot into the slightly crazy family life without causing too many ripples in the fabric.

So being asked to take photos of a third child that has just joined a family is something special. Not only for me to capture another beautiful baby, but also to know that the photos will be proof that this little one is just as important as the first two, and that even though he will be asked to slot into the family without getting as much attention as the first two undoubtedly got, he still holds a precious and important place in this family.

This little guy was so chilled and restful for our photoshoot and barring one feeding break he was compliant, sleepy and an absolute dream of a model. Thank you for the opportunity to create a few memories in your home.

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