{Baby C} Newborn Session

{Baby C} Newborn Session

Life sometimes comes full circle, and this session is the proof. My first ever proper photoshoot was a newborn session with one of my best friends and her baby boy. A year later I did a fun family session with them in a local park with stunning light and a super active toddler. Having one of those myself now I can totally relate to the experience of running after a little 1 year old and trying to get him to stand still long enough to get a clear picture. Most of my photos of my little one these days are a little blurry :D.

Fast forward from that session to today’s post. My friend had another cute little boy and asked me to do a newborn session with them! So today, as I dwell on past memories and shared joys, I get to share her second little wonder and the love they share as a family. The light was a bit tricky with this session as the sun kept popping behind clouds and the light changed minute by minute, but I think there are a few gems hidden here, and the memories will always stay precious.

Thank you once again for letting me be a part of your growing family. I love you lots!


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