{Baby J} Newborn Session

{Baby J} Newborn Session

Sometimes I think that third children kind of get lost in a family. The first one causes no end of excitement to the family and all relatives, the second one is especially a novelty to the first born and everyone is curious what life with two kids will be like. Then the third comes along. The parents already have both hands full with the first two and the third often is expected to just slot into the slightly crazy family life without causing too many ripples in the fabric.

So being asked to take photos of a third child that has just joined a family is something special. Not only for me to capture another beautiful baby, but also to know that the photos will be proof that this little one is just as important as the first two, and that even though he will be asked to slot into the family without getting as much attention as the first two undoubtedly got, he still holds a precious and important place in this family.

This little guy was so chilled and restful for our photoshoot and barring one feeding break he was compliant, sleepy and an absolute dream of a model. Thank you for the opportunity to create a few memories in your home.

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