{K Family} Maternity Session

{K Family} Maternity Session

Last year great friends of ours moved away. It was quite a tough adjustment. Then we met a lovely couple that started attending our church. We somehow clicked very quickly and found that we had a lot in common. From playing golf (the men), to spending hours chatting away (the ladies) and many other things, it was just so awesome finding new friends that we could share so much with.

When they told us they were expecting, we were thrilled for them. It was an answer to many prayers and just such a blessing to see God’s grace in this way. As we were also expecting our second little one during this time, Elke and I got to share so many of the pregnancy issues and joys, which is another thing that cannot help but bring you closer together.

When Elke asked me if I could do a quick maternity shoot with them just a few weeks before her due date (which incidentally was also just a couple weeks from my own due date), I couldn’t say no! I had officially already gone on “maternity leave” from my photography business, but for good friends I tend to make exceptions…especially when it comes to capturing the excitement and love of new parents for their unborn child and each other. This little girl will be so blessed with her parents and I look forward to seeing her grow up within such a loving home.

We had a very special time in a local park and I have seldom enjoyed a session more. They were both so contagiously excited and happy and it was a real blessing to be able to capture these photos for them and an honour that they allowed me to share them with you.


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