{N Family} Maternity Session

{N Family} Maternity Session

Don’t you love the excitement of first time parents as they await their first child? There is so much love and anticipation, so much uncertainty, but optimism as well, and just an incredible joy bubbling underneath the surface.

For this session we spent a lovely winter’s afternoon with glorious light at the Botanical Gardens exploring corners I had never seen before. We walked under arching trees, among rather large succulents, along dusty streets and up a very steep hill (that looked much less steep from the bottom). They climbed winding stone paths, lay down in backlit grasses and endured the blinding sun.

I can only imagine how blessed this new little human being will be when she arrives and meets her parents for the first time. Loving arms are waiting to hold her and shower her with love.

Thank you for being so willing to go along with my crazy ideas and for being such lovely models!

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